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Fretboard Journal Logo

I was recently featured in Fretboard Journal article about the fundamentals of open back banjo construction. The author, Carling Berkhout, interviewed builders, players and banjo experts to find a wealth of information that will be interesting to any banjo player.  

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Podcast with The Fretboard Journal

When out in Seattle recently I made a trip over to The Fretboard Journal. Jason Verlinde recorded a fun talk we had about my work and the world of custom open back banjos.

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Exclusive Music Emporium Dealership

Seeders Instruments banjos are now available for purchase at The Music Emporium in Lexington, Mass. If you’re not looking to get a custom made banjo or would like to skip the wait, head over to their shop to find the latest inventory of readily available models. The knowledgeable friendly staff and amazing inventory of instruments

Banjo Builder DVD Series

Check out my interview with Craig Evans featured in Volume 5 of Conversations with Old-Time Performers & Banjo Builders. Craig and I had a great conversation about my story that led to becoming a banjo builder, I hope you enjoy what he put together. It’s an honor to be included with friends and many of

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Exposé on Seeders Instruments

Watch a short documentary on Seeders Instruments and get a view into the day to day in the shop.

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