009 – Daffodil Piccolo Banjo

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Custom pony banjo with daffodil inlay

A cherry and walnut piccolo with inlaid daffodils ‘growing’ from the pot. It features shaded wooden daffodil inlays in the peghead and fingerboard, a daffodil carving on the back of the peghead as well as a skin head.

  • 8″ Pot
  • 18″ Scale Length
  • Walnut Tone Ring
  • 1 1/4″ nut
  • Hard Oil Hand Rubbed Finish
  • Antiqued S.S. Stewart Style Hardware
  • Small Shaft Raw Brass Tuners With Amber Knobs
  • Seeders Cherry Bridge
  • Hidden Fret Ends
  • Goat Skin Head
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Nylon Strings
  • Daffodil and Ogee Curve Neck Carving
  • Seeders Pyramid Heel