017 – Prime Number Fretless Banjo

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Vega Little Wonder Pot with Custom Fretless Banjo Neck

The Vega Little Wonder pot that was used in this banjo was sent to me with the original tenor neck that had a bad break. The owner being someone with an interest in numbers wanted prime numbers inlaid into the fretboard. Throughout the process we thought it would be a cool idea to use a piece of the original neck in the design. Being that 17 is a prime number, part of the design and just by chance happening to be #017 I decided to use a piece for the 17 inlaid into the fretboard to subtly contrast the other walnut numbers.

  • 11″ Vega Little Wonder Pot
  • 26-3/16″ Scale
  • Skin Head
  • 1-1/4″ Nut
  • Walnut Prime Number Inlay Design
  • Walnut Neck
  • Ironwood Fingerboard