123 – 11-5/8″ Sustainer Neck Brace Banjo Prototype

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This banjo was built as companion to #122 to test and compare my new Sustainer neck brace. When designing and implementing the new piece of hardware I wanted to make sure I wasn’t altering the tone of my instruments too much in a direction I didn’t like before I started using it. This banjo was built using the new Sustainer neck brace attachment with all of the exact details of #122 that uses traditional neck attachment hardware. I was happy to find that there was no large change in the tone overall and if anything only for the positive. Other than the neck attachment hardware and color of the reconstone inlays, this banjo is identical to #122. This is one of my personal banjos that I currently play and now features a Menzies Goat Skin head.

  • 25.5″ Scale Length
  • 11-5/8″ Walnut Rim
  • Rolled Brass Tone Ring
  • 1-5/16″ Black Tusq Nut
  • Reconstone Inlays
  • Zircote Details
  • Antiqued Brass Hardware
  • Seeders Wide Notch Comfort Tension Hoop
  • Seeders Sustainer Neck Brace
  • Seeders Walnut Armrest
  • Flush-mount Truss Rod Cover
  • EVO Fretwire
  • Menzies Goat Skin Head (not pictured)
  • Rickard Cyclone Tuners
  • Vintage Thin Nitrocellulose Satin Finish