128 – “Nellie Mae” 11-5/8″ Walnut Custom Banjo

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I’ve done a number of dog memorializing influenced inlays over the years but this is one of my favorites. Taking the classic Fairbanks lion griffin inlay and adding the profile of the owners own dog I came up with this fun whimsical spin on a classic inlay. The peghead and fretboard are Grenadillo wood to reference the reddish brown color of “Nellie Mae”, the dog who’s name and profile adorn the banjo.

  • 25.5″ Scale Length
  • 11-5/8″ Walnut Rim with Rolled Brass Tone Ring
  • 1-3/8″ Black Tusq Nut
  • Hand Engraved Mother of Pearl Inlays
  • Grenadillo Details
  • Mezies Jamaican Goat Skin Head
  • Antiqued Brass Hardware
  • Seeders Wide Notch Comfort Tension Hoop
  • Seeders Walnut Armrest
  • Rickard North Star Adjustable Tailpiece
  • Rickard Cyclone Brass Tuners
  • “Nellie Mae” Rim Engraving
  • Flush Mount Truss Rod Cover
  • Cole Boat Heel
  • Vintage Thin Nitrocellulose Satin Finish