Rabbit Ear Minstrel Banjo

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This unique neck was built for a great old brass clad rim with very cool original hardware. The neck design was influenced by an old minstrel banjo that the client had stumbled on. The fretless neck is a one piece Cherry neck with a distressed dark finish. The head material is a unique material from Yellowstone that is stretched similar to a skin head but is a paper product. The unique head material and nylon strings made for a wonderful deep and rich tone.

  • 11″ Brass Clad Antique Rim
  • One Piece Cherry Fretless Neck
  • Ebony PegHed Geared Friction Style Tuners
  • Deep Minstrel Style Scoop
  • Antiqued Stained Distressed Finish
  • Handmade Reproduction Buckbee Style Tailpiece