Vega Little Wonder Conversion Banjo

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A 12″ Vega Little Wonder rim that, like many of these, was originally a tenor banjo. The neck was long gone and the owner happened to have a very nice piece of Santos Mahogany around that an old friend had given him many years ago. Sticking with a simple Vega aesthetic I created a new neck from the wood he sent. It turned out to be an excellent neck material and a perfect color match for the stained maple rim. A simple adorned but extremely enjoyable banjo to play. The Little Wonder rims and tone rings are often overlooked but they can have an excellent sound when setup correctly.

  • 26-3/16″ Scale Length
  • 11-15/16″ Vega Little Wonder Rim
  • Ebony Fingerboard, Peghead and Heelcap
  • Mother of Pearl Inlays
  • Original Dowel Stick Construction
  • Calf Skin Head