035 – Pi Banjo Conversion

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This banjo started as a 4 string Little Wonder banjo from 1919. The original neck was falling apart and the owner wanted a new five string neck. Built for the same customer as the Prime Number Banjo and is a similar numbers theme. Using Pi as the idea we came up with this unique design. I came up with a new technique for making delicate inlaid dots to feature the number of the banjo at the end of the Pi string and a Pi symbol for the decimal point.

  • 10-15/16″ 1919 Vega Little Wonder Rim
  • 26-3/16″ Scale Length
  • Pi Themed Inlays
  • Ebony Fretboard and Peghead
  • Ironwood Inlays
  • Delicate Inlaid Dots
  • Cherry Neck